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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Poetry Page

While I regret any discomfort it may bring to anyone, the following represents my anguish over the glorification of the profession of arms, encouraging our youth to commit the most heinous crimes of terrorism and then turning around with NewSpeak and calling it anti-terrorism or peacekeeping.

Originally begun to be adapted by Zev Aelony in the '90's and completed in 2003, Minneapolis MN Copyright 2003
Reprinted August 6, 2004, as US Pilots bomb and terrorize the Holy City of Najaf and others.


Painfully inspired by the Christmas/Hanukah/Ramadan/Kwanza Bombings Which Seem to Have Become Holiday Offerings of Bush/Walker/Dulles/Dulles, Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Saddam-Fahd-Sharon-bin Laden et alia.

Peace on earth and mercy mild
For the Slayers of the child;
Return them safely to their Moms,
Recycle their lies and guns and bombs!

The child is burned, in pain and dying,
Mercenaries hear no crying
In ships asea and planes above,
They send their greetings home signed “love.”

Proudly showing new-learned skills,
Bragging pilots count their kills;
While families awaiting combat pay
Buy extra toys for Christmas Day.

Millions proclaim, and yet refuse
The message of that old kibbutz of Jews,
“What you do to the worst of humanity,
For good or ill, you do to me!”

“When you load the bombs or spin the lie
That you know will cause the child to die,
It just adds a bit to your crime to claim,
That you are acting in our name!”

Do not be seduced by terror’s sirens
Who put your mind in NewSpeak irons;
Exercise your humanity:
Atone by building liberty –
Equality, fraternity . . . .

Every human needs to be free,
Safe, warm, fed, with dignity.
A slight to any injures all,
One great soul on a tiny ball!

Bush, Blair, Saddam, ‘Prime Evil,’ Clinton,
Sharon, Fox,Fahd, Idi Amin,
And all who abet in their acts of evil,
Are not just their crimes but also people.

Forgive the bombs you’ve dropped before,
Forgive the terror, theft and gore.
Let all work to repair the damage done,
Heal and build and avenge no more.

Recycle your planes and guns and bombs;
Go home safely to your Moms.
Ne’er again to murder more,
Never to commit the crime of war!

Peace on Earth, and Mercy Mild, . . .


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